To ensure that your whole family has a good time, make
sure to keep plans flexible and take plenty of rest breaks

Make sure to keep your child in sight at all times

Include the kids in the planning, it will make them feel like a
real part of the vacation process

Be sure to include some "grown up" alone time. Most
resorts have child care services you can use

Let your kids pick out one "must see" attraction for them

Bring plenty of extra clothes for the kids, so when they get
dirty you have plenty of clean clothing for them to change

Pack plenty of activities like books, coloring books, and
hand-held games for the airplane ride

Take snacks on the plane, in case the kids don't like the

Keep a first aid kit with you at all times

Have a "meeting place" in case you get separated from
your kids

Get disposable cameras so that the kids can take their
own pictures

Give your kids an "allowance" for souvenirs. That way, they
have to learn to budget their mone